Northern Skies Air Service

Northern Skies Air Service is 100% First Nations owned by Weenusk, Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany.

The First Nations regional group is the Limited Partnership to its General Partner Creewest GP Inc.

The regional group in its endeavors and mandate to grow and expand in the aviation sector acquired and finalized the purchase of Northern Skies Air Services ‘shares’ and the asset purchase of the Navajo PA-31 aircraft in October of 2013.

The intent of the purchase(s) is to provide reasonable freight and passenger service to the First Nations on the western part of the province and that Creewest is desirous to expand its’ operation to partner or aid in the delivery of first-class deliverables to member communities as well as our ownership communities with plans of expanding operations to the Timmins James Bay coastal communities in the near future.

Along with capitalizing on air service in the area of health care, government services such as MTO, MNR and INAC. There is a growing need in the resource sector such as mining also. We see a steady growth of business over the next ten to twenty years making the purchase of the air service and aircraft most attractive.

These acquisitions will prove and solidify potential wealth creation as we feel that establishing ourselves now will certainly assist us in the future to be a player in future opportunities as well.