Air Creebec Joint Venture

aircreebecIn 2005 and 2006 at the start of the DeBeers Canada Victor Mine construction phase and through the Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) GP Inc. Introducing Limited Partner (Attawapiskat LP) and the rest of the Limited Partners, Weenusk, Kashechewan and Fort Albany obtained and negotated with AMEC at the time the contractual agreement of the Air Transportation
Contract passenger and light freight. This known at the time as Contract C-138.

Limited Partnership holds this contract and presently whereas in “Joint Venture”agreement with Air Creebec has secured the contract with DeBeers Canada providing Air Transportation for passenger and cargo movement from Timmins to Victor Site and vice versa.

Air Creebec performs the work for the First Nations Regional Organization ( LP) and a remuneration split to both parties in JV Agreement was established.

The Joint Venture agreement remains today and is now in its 8th year running with renewal in the fall of 2014 to then take the partnership of and Air Creebec into 2018.