About Us


A regional working group consisting of community economic development representatives from the Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Moose Cree and Weenusk First Nations brought about the initial idea for in 2004. The group was formed in part to ensure that the participating First Nations were able to participate in the benefits arising from the construction and operations of the De Beers Canada Victor Project.

During 2005, several planning sessions were held with the support of Wakenagun Community Futures Development Corporation. By the late fall of 2005, the Chiefs of each of the proposed Limited Partners & Shareholders had come to consensus on the business structure of the Limited Partnership and authorized the establishment of LP. Limited Partnership was established in February 2006 when the partnership was registered and General Partner Inc. was incorporated.

General Partner Inc.

In February 2006, GP Inc. was established as an Ontario for-profit corporation. is owned by its four First Nation shareholders (Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany, and Weenusk) who each own one share. Each shareholder is entitled to appoint one representative to the Board of Directors.
GP Inc. is the General Partner of the Limited Partnership.

As the General Partner, it is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Limited Partnership. This includes the preparation and implementation of the Limited Partnership’s business plan.

The Business of the Partnership

The business of the Partnership is governed by one essential document – the Limited Partnership Agreement. This document explicitly states what the Partnership can do and cannot do. This was most recently amended in 2008 by the Chiefs. It allowed us to focus on two very specific contracting opportunities at Victor Mine (trucking and air transportation). It also allows us to invest in a junior mining company and establish a regional airline. In addition to this document, the Chiefs also passed a resolution that same year authorizing the investment in the aviation industry.

When was initially established, the Attawapiskat LP negotiated the business contracts with Air Creebec and Larabie Inc. on behalf of the Partnership. The terms of the agreement with Air Creebec have remained the same ever since; however, we significantly altered the terms of the work with Larabie Inc. – resulting in the establishment of Logistics.